Detroit Midtown Academy

950 Selden
Detroit, MI  48184
Grades 7-12

Detroit Midtown Academy (DMA) is a public school academy serving seventh through twelfth grade students in Detroit and Wayne County.  DMA is proud to be chartered by the Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency.  Detroit Midtown Academy is located in the heart of Detroit in the new, revitalized and vibrant Midtown area.  Detroit Midtown Academy is committed to making a difference in the lives of our children.

Detroit Midtown Academy is a truly small school and learning community, with an enrollment of under 400 students.  DMA is committed to keeping class size small to promote individualized learning and student growth.  DMA is proud to have a caring, talented and knowledgeable staff.  Teachers are certified and highly-qualified, and dedicated to teaching in the inner-city.  We are a family and community centered school that offers a nurturing and safe environment for our students.

Detroit Midtown Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum focused on the core academic areas-English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.  Our primary goal is to ensure that all students are proficient in these areas.  We offer a variety of elective classes, based on student input, including African-American Literature, Marketing, Advanced Computers and Foreign Language.   We believe positive, supportive student-teacher relationships are essential to student success.  We strive daily to create an environment where students work to succeed and excel.  At Detroit Midtown Academy, we are committed to making a difference.


The Detroit Midtown Academy is committed to increasing academic achievement and supporting student success. 

Detroit Midtown Academy will be the heart of its community, with families, staff and external stake holders collaborating to educate, embrace, and support our children.


  • All Children Can Learn.
  • Our Students Will Meet State and National Standards.
  • Children Need Love and Support.
  • Children Need Second and Third Chances Sometimes.
  • Relationships are Key to Student Success.
  • Our Students Will Be Proficient in Core Academic Areas.
  • Teachers Play an Important Role in the Lives of Our Students.
  • Our School Respects and Values the Families of Our Students.
  • Strong, Positive Relationships with Students are Essential.
  • Character is Important.

ICCARS Teacher Participants(s):
Erica Conley-Shannon,
May 9, 2011, 2:30 PM