Spectrum Teaching Ideas

I'm putting together some instructions for how to use the equipments in the EM Spectrum Kits as well as some teaching ideas. I decided to make my rough draft available as I create it. I plan to include a full set of activities to teach about the electromagnetic spectrum as well as some independent activities that can be dropped into other units.

I will also include some basic lessons learned with the different equipment. These sections will likely change over time as I spend more time with the equipment as well as use it with students.

Lesson Ideas:

  • Spectrum Unit - This will be a full unit on teaching EM spectrum with an emphasis on remote sensing.
  • Other Spectrum Ideas - These are other ideas related to EM spectrum that rely on the spectrum kit materials, but do not have a particular sequence.

Investigating the EM Spectrum Kit (2):

    Kit is available on request. Please contact Andy Henry to reserve kit:
            henrya@resa.net or call 734.334.1476