Other Spectrum Ideas

This is a list of miscellaneous activities that rely on equipment in the Spectrum Kits. Some of these could be dropped into other units related to remote sensing or climate change.

Red Tide Spectrometer:

  • Look at emitted and reflected light to quantify actual wavelengths of light
  • Blue Sky vs. Red Sky
  • Optical density of the Atmosphere?
  • Use a White LED, along with volt meter and Red Tide Spectrometer to determine Planck's Constant. This should yield many more data points than the typical activity which uses only four or five different LEDs of known wavelength.

Energy Conservation Activities (no sequence):

  • Incandescent vs. CFL - Should we Switch?
  • Inverse Square Law
    • Why is a 10 watt bulb good enough in a desk lamp, but not good enough for a room light?
  • Kinetic to thermal energy
    • Friction to heat
    • Drop bowling ball measure tile before and after? Conservation of energy
    • Measure temperature change while driving a nail into a board - Conservation of energy - Energy Transformation
  • Conductivity and perceived temperature.
  • Insulation and Construction
    • Build Structures to insulate a beaker of boiling water or lightbulb
    • Hot House - http://www.vernier.com/innovate/hot-house/
    • School Survey - Which rooms are the hottest/coldest? Use the Thermal Imager and Non-Contact Termometers to look for problems.