Vernier Infrared Thermometer

Four Vernier Infrared Thermometers are included in both kits. These allow you to measure the temperature of objects without touching them. They are capable of measuring temperatures from -20 deg. C to 400 deg. C

Simply press the "MEAS" button to turn on and begin reading temperature. Pressing the "HOLD" button will keep the reading until the button is pressed again. The third button turns on a laser that shows where exactly the temperature sensor is pointed.

The laser will illuminate the circular region the temperature is being measured. The further away the thermometer is from the surface the larger the circle, both the visible and the measured circles. For more on how the infrared thermometer works you should check out the Vernier documentation.

Things to Know:
  • These have a laser on the front. Students should be cautioned about shining them in each other's faces.
  • These can be attached to a LabPro or LabQuest if you want to log data over time.
  • Push MEAS to turn off, otherwise it will turn off in 30 minutes
  • Only accurate to +-2% of the reading.
Possible Activities:
  • Conduction - Have students go around the room physically touching various surfaces and rank them hottest to coldest. Once complete give students the thermometers to repeat and this time record the actual temperature of each object. Metals will usually be ranked colder than plastics, but their actual temperatures are very similar if not the same.
  • School Energy Audit - Use in conjunction with the Flir Thermal Imager to find areas of inefficiency in the school.
  • Hot House -