Knabusch Mathematics and Science Center

6670 Waters Edge, Monroe, MI 48161

The guiding theme of the Knabusch Mathematics and Science Center
is building relationships that infuse a shared sense of responsibility and shared opportunities for improving the health of the Great Lakes in our communities. The Center seeks to strengthen relationships between children and the land by involving students in an active, problem-solving process, investigating real environmental problems. This theme is partly aided by the environment of the Center, which has deep-water access to Lake Erie, 2 large ponds, and a variety of terrestrial environments. Thorough this diverse environment Bolles Harbor gives children opportunities to interact with the land in an exciting and positive way, and provides an experiential and rational basis for students to draw their own conclusions about the problems impacting the Great Lakes and what to do about them.

Through classroom-based stewardship, students will identify land use activities both locally and regionally that affect their water resources. Students will engage in problem solving to devise strategies for improving the ecological integrity of their local environment. Investigations, based on watershed concerns, will show students the relevance of their classroom-based education to the real world. It will help instill in students a sense of responsibility and commitment to the future and prepare them to carry out the role of defending and improving the environment for this and future generations.

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