Derek Sale

Derek Sale is an 8th grade science teacher at Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy, a Detroit Public School. He has developed a three-week module focusing on the changing global climate and the new technologies available to explore those changes. The module is composed of two units: “Exploring Your iPad” and “Investigating the Impacts of Global Climate Change”.  

A note from Derek:  My name is Derek Sale. I am a thirteen-year veteran contract teacher of Detroit Public Schools. I have a State of Michigan Teaching Certificate in Elementary General Education and Middle School Science Education.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Wayne State University and a Master’s degree in Science Education from Lawrence Technological University. I am also a member of the Michigan Science and Math Teachers Association and continually attend seminars to learn new ways to stimulate learning in students.

            I have spent the last thirteen years at Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy in Detroit. PRMXA is a Detroit Public School. I taught three years elementary science and ten years middle school science. I was honored last year by receiving the National DiscoverE Educator Award in February 2012, from the National Engineers Society. This award was given to recognize my efforts to expose middle school students to precollege engineering programs. This type of exposure increases core knowledge and directly leads to a successful future.

            I facilitate my students’ participation in district activities as well, such as Science Fair, Future City, You be the Chemist and also partner with General Motors Corporations’ World in Motion program. The ICCARS project has allowed my students and me to take our science and engineering studies to new levels. We have developed a deeper understanding of climate, weather, carbon footprints and the impact of humans on our global environment.