Southeastern HS of Technology and Law

3030 Fairview Street
Detroit, Michigan  48214     
Southeastern opened in 1917. The "Jungaleers" were given the name because the school was located far from the urban areas of the city. It was said to be out in the "jungle," apparently the area was under developed. Welcome to the Jungle!Name:  fairview and groose pt twp 1907.jpg Views: 1988 Size:  48.0 KB

Here is a map from the old forum and our map wizard, MikeM. There was a place called the Village of Fairview, from Model D

Fairview is a city that once sat between the city of Detroit and Grosse Pointe Park, right on the river. It was incorporated and annexed so quickly that even longtime East Side residents have never heard of it, but from 1903 to 1907, Fairview was a legitimate municipality. Some may question why Sinacori honors what many would consider a footnote in the region's history. It's his way of making a point about the importanceunderstanding how our region developed, and more specifically the pivotal role the area played in the history of the automotive industry
The first mention of Fairview came in 1896, when the Fairview Land Company was formed. At the turn the century the land was essentially 900 acres of marsh, but would be valuable if developed. Fairview's borders were Bewick to the west and Cadieux to the east, Mack to the north and the Detroit River on the south. The municipality was officially incorporated in 1903, and at the time it satisfied the interests of businessmen in the area looking to control land for a road connecting Detroit to Grosse Pointe Farms.
The name Fairview lives on in that the home of our brave fighting Jungaleers is located on Fairview Street.

Another intersting bit of info, the first Negro League teams played at a park called Mack Park, which inturn became Southeastern Field.