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ICCARS Modules and Units

Participants in the ICCARS Project, developed modules and units on the topic of climate change and remote sensing.  The modules and units emphasized the 5E Instructional Lesson and Project Based Learning. To view the units and modules, please click HERE.  

Project Based Learning (PBL) is defined by George Lucas as "students learning by designing and constructing actual solutions to real life problems.  To learn more about Project Based Learning, please visit  You can view two model climate change modules at:
Thanks to Jim Botti, from the K-16 PBL Consortium, for sharing these units.  You can view the Consortium's work at:

 A module includes:
  • Teacher Names, School Name and Grade Level
  • Title
  • Driving Question(s)
  • Major Understanding(s)
  • Content Expectations (Standards / Benchmarks)
  • Essential Content
  • Student Projects/Challenges
  • Daily Calendar/Schedule in Outline Format and Points to the Specific Unit(s)

A unit is composed of a 5E Lesson Plan. Each lesson includes:
  • Introduction
  • Expectations
  • Resources
  • Safety Precautions
  • Engagement Lesson
  • Exploration Lesson
  • Explanation Lesson
  • Elaboration Lesson
  • Evaluation Lesson
  • Appendices
For more information please visit the blog at:
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