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ICCARS Field Data Collector

The ICCARS Field Data Collector apps are designed to allow students to collect observation data in the field and enter it into the ICCARS online database. The investigation data entry screens are designed to work seamlessly with several GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) protocols. The ICCARS Field Data Collector is also designed to allow students engaged in NASA AEROKATS remote sensing missions to record all of their mission data in the field. This information is also uploaded to the ICCARS online database. Investigation records can be viewed online with the ICCARS Field Data Mapper.

Current included data sheets:
  • Air Temperature (GLOBE protocol)
  • Barometric Pressure (GLOBE protocol)
  • Clouds (GLOBE protocol)
  • Land Cover (GLOBE protocol)
  • Liquid Precipitation (GLOBE protocol)
  • Relative Humidity (GLOBE protocol)
  • Soil Temperature (GLOBE protocol)
  • Solid Precipitation (GLOBE protocol)

Observation sites are given unique IDs, and users can register as schools, individuals and or teams.